Catering and Vendor Requirements

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The McNutt House (Circa 1826) is the second oldest home in Vicksburg's Historic Downtown District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in addition to designations as a state and county historical site. What sets the McNutt House apart from other venues in Vicksburg, beyond the facilities, is our goal to ensure your event fulfills your vision. Since the caterer and vendors are critical components of your event, we impose no restrictions on the caterers or vendors you choose. If you would like recommendations, don't hesitate to ask or perhaps consider one of our affiliates. Past events at our event and party rooms of the McNutt House include indoor and outdoor weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, showers, women's club events, sweet 16 parties, teen dance, reunions, social events, business meetings, and multi-day seminars.

The McNutt House

The first floor of the McNutt House is ideal for a tiny indoor event such as a ladies club meeting, rehearsal dinner, or a social.

The McNutt House Suites & Tour Home
The McNutt House Suites & Tour Home

Maggie's Hall

Maggie's Hall has an open floor plan consisting of approximately 900 sqm of usable floor space well suited for medium-sized banquets, training, off-site meetings, socials, sweet 16 parties, and events having a DJ. The structure includes a full galley-style kitchen perfect for use as a caterer staging area or buffet line. The "Dutch" door may be closed to hide the kitchen or leave the lower half completed as a server or bartender station. There are two double door entries to the Hall, with the side leading directly into the courtyard. Tables and chairs are included in the rental rate.

The Courtyard

If you are planning an outdoor event, you need to look no further. The McNutt House has a lovely terraced courtyard with multiple spots perfect for a garden wedding. A large deck overlooks the gardens and water features shaded by the area's oldest Japanese Magnolia tree. The paths, patios, decks, and gazebo area offer ample sitting areas and mix and mingling space for substantial social events, reunions, retreats, and picnics. BBQ grills and a full kitchen may be made available.

The McNutt House Suites & Tour Home
The McNutt House Suites & Tour Home

Optional Services

  • Pictured is the living room of the McNutt Suite situated at the top of the staircase in the main house. Subject to availability, this suite is ideally suited for use as a Hospitality Suite or as the bride's dressing chamber. Additional suites may be available for use by the groom or out-of-town guests.
  • Two fully equipped kitchens (Magill House and Maggie's Hall) and BBQ grills may be made available to keep food warm or prepare anything from hor d'oeuvres to a feast.